Guy presents PowerPoint to woman he wants to ‘hypothetically date’

Guy presents PowerPoint to woman he wants to ‘hypothetically date’

There are countless ways to go about pursuing someone you like - sliding into their DMs, sending them flowers and just outright asking them out. Some methods are a lot more OTT than others. One guy, for instance, used a PowerPoint presentation to win the affections of his crush.

Berner Moreno had always adored Nicole Harris, with whom he attended the same high school in Arizona. It wasn't until college, though, that the two became properly acquainted through a mutual friend - and soon enough, they too became friends.

Just as before, Berner thought Nicole was a "cutie", but until one particularly bold move from Berner, they were nothing more than friends.

Determined to win her heart, the young man decided to present a PowerPoint presentation to Nicole, titled 'Why Nicole and I should I hypothetically date'.

In an interview with UNILAD, Nicole revealed that Berner had told her she was "going to be [his] first girlfriend", telling their friends "just watch". Keeping him on his toes, she then told Berner he had to provide her with "data as to why [they] should be together" and although she had made the comment in jest, she would soon discover that Berner was perfectly willing to go all out in order to pursue her.

The next day, Berner stood up in front of Nicole and some of their friends and explained exactly why they should hypothetically date.

"At that time I was in a public speaking class, and I learned that if you want to persuade people you need to have data and logistics," Berner told UNILAD. "I was so nervous about it all."

Using a love calculator and star sign compatibility, the student really fought hard to prove his case. "She was so happy and surprised, but I could tell she appreciated the gesture," Berner said.

The daring presentation was filmed by Max Galyen, who shared it on Instagram and TikTok. The hilarious clip has since garnered over 64,000 likes.

And the best thing was, the presentation was a complete success! The video was filmed last December, and the pair went on their first date the next day.

It gets even better - Nicole and Berner have now been together just two months shy of a year!