Guy with depression texts pasta company instead of crisis line and gets an unexpectedly beautiful response

Guy with depression texts pasta company instead of crisis line and gets an unexpectedly beautiful response

When you suffer from depression, you feel like you're all alone. No matter how hard you try in life, you just can't get what you want. Happiness evades you, dancing just out of reach, and despair sucks you in like a black hole.

If you're struggling, you can always call The National Suicide Hotline to get some support. They're open 24/7, staffed with people that are ready to listen. However, when one depressed guy contacted them for help, he texted the wrong number. Instead of getting The National Suicide Hotline, he got a customer service representative from a pasta company.

But rather than let the conversation end there, the man decided to use pasta as metaphor. He compares himself to lasagna that's been "stretched too thin with too many responsibilities," and as a result, does not bake properly. Then he asks, "How do I get back to the confident and capable lasagna with meat sauce I have always been?"

Sarah could have just responded to this block of text by saying, "I'm sorry, sir, I can't help you." After all, this is a pretty awkward situation. Her job is to talk about pasta products, not to help strangers struggling with depression. But surprisingly, she helps the man out, by continuing his pasta metaphor. She says that "mistakes happen sometimes," and "it sounds like that lasagne needs to a reformulation...lasagnas can be fixed." In other words, don't give up on living when times get hard. Keep trying.

The man asks if there's a limit to "how many times the lasagna can mess up" before it's tossed out. If we were talking about literal pasta, there's probably no saving lasagna if it was burnt or overcooked. But he's not talking about food. He's talking about life, and wondering if it's worth it to keep going, after making so many mistakes. Sarah responds with the perfect advice: "You'd be surprised how resilient noodles can be. I haven't found there to be a limit."

Just like that, the man decides to give life a chance, writing "I'll start the next round of preheat and give it another go." Sarah responds with encouragement, writing "That's the spirit" and reminding him that "we're here for you 24/7." The man got a pasta company instead of a crisis line, but the customer service representative's surprisingly beautiful responses talked him off the ledge.

When the conversation was posted online, people couldn't believe how well the employee handled the situation. As one person commented, that woman better get a raise!

When you see acts of kindness between strangers, you realize the world can't be that bad. Much like noodles, people are surprisingly resilient.

If you're suffering from depression, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline any time at 1-800-273-8255. And if you have questions about pasta products, that's a different number (but apparently, equally helpful.)

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