Here's what happens to your body when you're not having regular sex

Here's what happens to your body when you're not having regular sex

It would be fair to say that going through a dry spell when it comes to having sex can have a negative effect on you mentally. If you've ever had to endure a barren patch in the sack, you'll know that it leads to you constantly questioning how attractive you are and why no one wants to get freaky with you.

There's a multitude of reasons why you may stop having sex, whether it's due to a breakup, being unlucky in love or simply the fact that you've chosen to be celibate for a bit, it can happen to anyone. However, while you may think a sex detox is tough on the mind, it also has an impact on your body physically.

Of course, all bodies are different and everyone has different sex drives and needs, so all claims of this nature should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, these are the five side effects of not having sex for a while and most of them apply to women.

1. You may feel sad

Sex is all about getting intimate and having physical contact and if you're not getting that regularly, it could lead to feelings of sadness.

2. A woman's vaginal wall might weaken

This one applies to women and refers to the fact that reducing the amount of sex that you're having may lead to the walls of you're vagina weakening, leading to pain when engaging in intercourse.

3. Less lubrication

A decrease in estrogen levels could lead to the vagina struggling to lubricate itself properly.

4. Period pains

Having sex lessens your menstrual cramps, meaning the less sex you have, the more painful your periods may be.

5. Increased stress levels

According to the NHS, the more sex you have, the less stressed you are likely to be. So, if you suddenly stop getting freaky, it may lead to you being more stressed.

So there you go - not only is a dry-spell bad for your mentally, but it can also have some consequences on your body. In other words, get out there and get jiggy with it!