Husbands cause more stress for wives than their children, study reveals

Husbands cause more stress for wives than their children, study reveals

Parenting sure isn't easy, but apparently husbands aren't making it any more bearable.

A survey of 7,000 mothers conducted by Today, discovered that, on average, they rate their stress levels at a 8.5 out of 10. And 46 percent say that their husbands add more stress to their day-to-day lives than the children they look after.

A significant amount of respondents added that they view their partner as "big kids" rather than equal partners, effectively giving them another person to look after.

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They also believed that the worry they experience is different to "dad stress", meaning that they are inevitably unable to see eye-to-eye as a parenting unit, which only increases the stress they experience.

Three quarters of the mothers profiled found that the bulk of parenting tasks fell on them, and it is they who are more likely to worry about not having enough time in the day to finish everything that needs to be done.

One in five alleged that a daily source of stress stems from the fact that they feel as if they don't get enough support from their spouse.

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Therapist and author, Hal Runkel, stated that the "problem is not men, it's marriage," claiming that "marriage is a more difficult relationship than parenting."

On the other hand, however, a survey of 1,500 father discovered that they feel like they are contributing to raising their children more than ever, and not getting any credit to boot.