If you've just been dumped you can stay in an English cottage inspired by The Holiday

If you've just been dumped you can stay in an English cottage inspired by The Holiday

There are certain movies we turn to - tubs of ice cream at the ready - when we've had our hearts broken. And these films, perhaps because they restore our faith in love, tend to be romantic comedies. You know, movies like 2006's The Holiday.

The beloved Christmas flick was directed by Nancy Meyers and starred Cameron Diaz (Amanda Woods), Kate Winslet (Iris Simpkins), Jude Law (Graham Simpkins) and Jack Black (Miles Dumont).

Check out the trailer for The Holiday:

The two leading ladies portray a pair of lovelorn women who start off across the pond from each other before arranging a home exchange to escape their heartbreak.

"Two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each other's countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love," the official synopsis reads.

Amanda moves into Iris' cottage in Surrey, England while Iris moves into Amanda’s Los Angeles mansion.

Well, if you're a fan of the beloved classic film (and have been either dumped or rejected this year) then get a load of this: a British vacation rental company Independent Cottages is offering you a trip to a gorgeous cottage which resembles the one in the trans-Atlantic rom-com.

The accommodation features a log burning fire, a four-poster bed, stone walls and exposed ceiling beams. And who knows, maybe you'll find your very own Jude Law out there? I mean, you'd get over your heartbreak pretty quickly if you did!

"This Christmas, we are getting into the festive spirit and giving away an English cottage stay inspired by The Holiday to one lucky winner," the contest’s website says. "And in keeping with The Holiday theme, this competition is only open to entries from people who have had their heart broken this year."

All you have to do is submit your "story of heartbreak" on Independent Cottages’ website.

The winner will be treated to a three-night stay at Farthing Cottage in the Cotswolds in England. They can also expect to find a complimentary box of chocolates and a bottle of Prosecco upon arrival.

The competition closes on December 2.