Instagram couple spark backlash over their 'life-threatening' photo

Instagram couple spark backlash over their 'life-threatening' photo

There are some people who will seemingly do anything to snap the perfect picture.

No matter the circumstances, no matter the painstaking effort or the time taken to adjust those filters; these people are determined to look amazing on Instagram.

However, some Instagrammers have been accused of taking things too far, and end up recklessly endangering themselves in the pursuit of looking picture-perfect.

If you want an example of this, look no further than influencer couple Kelly and Kody, who provoked controversy this week after posting an 'unsafe' picture of themselves chilling out in an infinity pool in Bali.

The offending image, which was posted to their blog Positravelty, shows Kody holding Kelly by the waist, while she hangs over the side of a pool at the Kayon Jungle Resort in Ubud.

The couple captioned the picture:

"Our greatest strength in life, our most important principle, is discernment. Only you can know your body, feel the space around you and understand your capabilities. We would all do well to remember this, knowing that not every action, style or path we witness through others is or should be, replicated. At the end of the day we are to hold ourselves accountable for the decisions that we make." [sic]

After uploading the image on April 3, a number of Kelly and Kody's Instagram followers criticised their post, calling it a highly-hazardous stunt that could have gone badly wrong, leading to serious injuries for both people involved.

For instance, one person with the handle isausra_p95 stated: "Why is the woman always the one risking themselves for pictures 😧 never see a guy hanging over a cliff." Someone else with the username generationnomads added: "I hope you didn't risk your life for this shot."

This isn't the first time an influencer has behaved badly. Check out
this video of an Instagrammer throwing a chair off a balcony:

Kelly has now come forward to insist that she wasn't in any danger, replying to one of the critical comments by writing: "It was a blast setting this up. Kody had a very good hold of me. We trust each other entirely. It was such an amazing feeling to have this come out exactly as we planned. We are safe and sound."

She later added: "We had a good hold 😊 We also spent a good amount of time talking and discussing it."

Guys, I feel like this needs to be said: please don't endanger yourself to get an Instagram photo. Your life and health is far more important than how many followers you have, trust me.