Man finds his fiancée on Tinder after she hilariously destroyed him

Man finds his fiancée on Tinder after she hilariously destroyed him

A man who matched with his future wife on Tinder has revealed the savage message she sent to him on the app, revealing that she "ripped the pish" out of him.

Jason Forry matched with Natalie Anderson via the popular dating app, and once he had that chance to strike up a conversation, he had a hilarious gambit to try and score himself a date: crafting a message eerily similar to the kind of message you'd expect to find when you're trying to secure an interview.

"Dear Natalie, Thanks for your interest in Jason, we have reviewed your profile and would like to invite you to an initial interview," Forry said, taking on the persona of Grant Aitchison, the "head of recruitment".

"Jason is a very busy man so it would be ideal if you could just write a little about yourself interest [sic] and such good luck in your application. Many thanks, Grant Aitchison, Head of Recruitment."

Tinder engagement Credit: Twitter

And not only did Natalie play along, she had a very savage response - Jason said to Pretty 52 that he knew pretty early on that she was the one, and exchanges like this helped to consolidate that.

"Dear Grant Aitchison / Jason. Upon receiving your message, it has been brought to our attention that there may have been some technical difficulties with the system that matched Natalie to Jason. We accept full responsibility for this glitch and unfortunately upon reviewing Jason's profile we find that Natalie is not compatible with your client and have to decline the interview on this occasion.

Kind Regards, Natalie's HR Team"

Now engaged to be married, Jason revisited the meet-cute on Twitter, saying: "Mental that I'm gonna marry the girl who ripped the pish out on me on Tinder." While they haven't chosen a venue yet, what's for sure is that this couple have a lot of great times ahead of them.