Man surprises wife on 67th wedding anniversary from outside nursing home window

Man surprises wife on 67th wedding anniversary from outside nursing home window

An elderly man surprised his wife on their 67th wedding anniversary by standing outside her nursing home window while holding up a heartfelt sign for her to see.

As reported by NECN, due to restrictions placed on visits to the Stafford Springs nursing home amid the coronavirus pandemic, Bob Shellard was unable to spend the day with his beloved wife, Nancy Shellard.

Check out this sweet news report in which Bob talks lovingly about his longtime wife:

Intent on going the extra mile for his wife on the special occasion, Bob of Vernon, Connecticut held up a sign outside of the nursing home, which read: "I've loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary."

In an interview with the publication, Bob explained his reasoning behind the romantic gesture, saying: "It makes me feel bad because I want her down with me, and I know she can’t be. I wouldn’t want anybody else. I don’t think she could put up with anybody else besides me."

Bob and Nancy's daughter Laura also spoke to the publication about how her parents' love is an "inspiration" to her and her siblings.

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"It's just been an example for us, for all of us of kids," she said. "So all four of us have really learned a lot from them and I can only hope that I have half as much as what they have shared over the years."

"They have always been an inspiration to us and I think just seeing every year go by that they still express it in some way on their anniversary," Laura added. "There's just a sweetness to the two of them and what they share. I wouldn't want anybody else."