Millionaire set to spend Valentine’s Day alone after fearing women will use him ‘for his bank balance’

Millionaire set to spend Valentine’s Day alone after fearing women will use him ‘for his bank balance’

Folks, if you'd somehow missed the heart-shaped memo, tomorrow is Valentine's Day: an occasion during which all couples have a brilliant time together, and all the rest of us cry into a ready-meal-for-one in front of the TV.

Ok, so maybe not all singletons take it quite as badly as others, but there are definitely some folks out there who feel the lack of a significant other slightly more on February 14th than they do any other day - and 26-year-old Matthew Lepre is one such person. He says he's spent quite some time trying to find The One, only to be continually put off by the idea that partners will only want him "for his bank balance".

"While I am successful with my work, I realise as we head into Valentine's Day that I want a meaningful relationship to also become a key part of my life," he said.

Up until three years ago, Lepre was working three manual labour jobs in order to help him and his mother get by. Now, however, he claims to be earning $120,000 per month, which obviously makes him quite the catch for someone looking to settle down in a stable relationship. Unfortunately, it also makes him an easy target for someone who just wants some easy money.

"I would rather find a girl who wants to date me for being me, not for my bank balance," he said.

"I have realised through my success that money can't buy happiness or love and family and a partner is someone that is be by your side to support you through your ups and downs."

So far, Lepre says, nobody has tried to use him for his money - but he puts that down to having a loyal group of friends.

"They have been with me from the beginning of my success and know me from the days that I worked three jobs at one time to make ends meet," he said, and he worries that bringing someone new into his life could change that.

Still, he hasn't given up on romance, and says that he is on the market for a woman who is "loyal, considerate, honest and loving."

Finding his dream date hasn't exactly been an easy journey so far, however.

"Dating apps aren't very fulfilling and I'm looking for someone that wants a long term relationship, someone that I can have a meaningful connection with," he explained. "Up until now, I have been introduced to girls through friends, but haven't found the girl yet that I would like to spend the rest of my life with and I'm not interested in dating unless it's going to go somewhere."

The businessman also revealed that he is something of a romantic, saying that his ideal first date "would be a late afternoon picnic at the beach with a bottle of Champagne, then going for an afternoon swim together before watching the sunset."

So, ladies, if you're single and looking for a guy to spend this Valentine's Day with, you might not be too late! Maybe take a peek through Lepre's Insta feed before sliding into his DMs though, as - right now - it looks like his business will always be the number one love interest in his life...