Mom reveals a man she politely rejected after a date sent her a text asking her to pay for her drink

Mom reveals a man she politely rejected after a date sent her a text asking her to pay for her drink

Dating is by no means easy. Even if you manage to land a hot date, you still have some way to go to turn it into a relationship. If you both come in with good intentions and try to make it work, it doesn't always end with success either. The nicest date in the world can end with one person just not feeling that spark, and deciding to move on.

That's when you get into the tricky business of how to let someone down easy - and let's face it, most of us are terrible at this part. Some are blunt, but others try to avoid being hurtful by not saying anything at all, and end up ghosting someone, making the situation far more confusing than it has to be.

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This was the situation on woman found herself in recently after her date just wasn't quite doing it for her. The woman, from Norwich, Norfolk, went on a date with a man earlier this week. She bought a gin & tonic during the date, which he offered to pay for, then they left the date on good terms. However, after thinking on it, she realised she didn't feel a spark between them, so did the good thing and was up front about how she feels.

Angela messaged him to thank him for the evening and wish him the best of luck, but let him down easy. However, she was a little surprised when his response was a little less positive than she'd hope. Not only did he ask her to repay him for the drink he'd bought her, but he added his bank details to the message so she could transfer over the money.

"I wish you lots of luck in finding your special person," she wrote in her text. "Take care and it was nice meeting you."

But then he responded, asking for her to compensate him for his 'wasted' time. "Oh dear . It's expensive being a man being rejected all the time. Please be kind enough to put 4.95 in my account to pay for you drink," he said, before listing his bank details.

Angela's daughter, Sophie, later shared a screenshot of his message onto Twitter, where it has now received 4,000 retweets and over 40,000 likes.

"She swerved one there I think!" one wrote, while another brought up their own story about something similar that had happened to her, this time with her ex-boyfriend's mother:

"When I split from my boyfriend at 17, his mum rang my mum and asked for £365 to cover the meals I'd had at their house over the last year! Needless to say, my mum had a few choice words to say and her cheque book stayed shut."

Others had plenty to say about it, with some, strangely enough, siding with the man in the situation.

If there's one way to respond to a rejection, this ain't it. Buying someone a drink is meant to be a nice offer, not a transaction...