Mom's lightning-quick reflexes save son from falling from balcony

Mom's lightning-quick reflexes save son from falling from balcony

Every now and again, a viral video on social media restores our faith in humanity. In my opinion, some of the most touching clips are those of parents whose reaction time quickens, and their strength increases, when their children face danger.

Several videos on YouTube show montages of dads saving their kids from harm's way. More recently, a viral video shows a dad diving over a four-foot fence to save his toddler who fell into a pool. All around the world, parents step up every day to protect their children.

And last week, a Reddit user posted a video of a similar situation. A mother was caught on security camera saving her child from falling off a fourth-floor balcony.

Check out the incredible moment below:

The mother and son were waiting outside Monserrate Construction Company's office in Medellín, Colombia. As the woman was looking down at her phone while her child walked toward the balcony railing. He then got on his knees and stuck his hands between the railings, appearing to think there was glass between the posts.

When the boy fell between the slots head first, the mother dove on the floor toward him, grabbing her son's legs just in time. While the mom held her son from falling, several women rushed from inside the nearby office to help. After the mother pulled up the child, they start clapping. The delivery man who came up the elevator with the mother and son rushed down the four flights of stairs, presumably attempting to provide a safety net in case the woman dropped him.

While the child's condition is unknown, it is hard to imagine that he suffered more than some scrapes and bruises, especially compared to what could have happened if super-mom hadn't come to the rescue. Surely he would have been greatly injured, or even died without her help.

The video was shared on Reddit and received mixed reactions. Some said that the mom was heroic with comments like, "Jesus Christ that woman is amazing", and "She didn't even drop her phone..."

Credit: Reddit

Others scolded the mom for not watching her child closely enough. One user commented, "Mom negligence endanger kid." Some still, berated the construction company for not making their building suitable and safe for small children:

"And THIS is the reason we have building codes. There are supposed to be regulations surrounding how far apart the pickets on the railing should be - and the rule is literally based on the size of a small child’s head, so that we avoid this sort of thing."

Whether you're a parent or a kid, this video is majorly touching, knowing what could have happened to the small boy. Make sure to call or hug your parent or child.