New survey data reveals the top 9 first-date ideas that will most likely lead to marriage

New survey data reveals the top 9 first-date ideas that will most likely lead to marriage

Got a hot date coming up with someone you've fancied for quite a while now? I hate to be that guy... but chances are that you could blow it depending on where you pick to go on your first date. First impressions are everything, and no matter how much banter you've exchanged while messaging and sending emojis, meeting for the first time in real life is another story.

You'll want somewhere where you'll both feel comfortable, ideally with a bit of background chatter so that things don't feel completely awkward when the conversation dries up. But you also don't want to go anywhere too loud or somewhere where conversation is impossible.

"It’s important to pick a first-date location that encourages conversation," Kate MacLean from dating site PlentyOfFish told Bustle. "Dates that foster conversation will help you get to know someone better and will determine whether or not date #2 is in your future."

According to the magazine, a new survey conducted this month of 400 former PlentyOfFish users found that there are trends in how successful a relationship can be depending on the first date location. The participants all came from the US, and they had all gone on to marry partners they'd met on the dating app.

So where are the best spots to go for a first date if you're hoping for a long-term relationship? Here are the top nine results.

1. A sit-down meal at a restaurant

While some of us are reluctant to spend that much time and money on a first date – not to mention exposing your date to your weird cutlery manners – the survey found that more than 55.1 per cent of respondents said that it was a dinner date that escalated their online match to marriage.

2. A walk

The second-best first date option (29.9 per cent) was to take a romantic walk – I'm guessing along a waterfront or through a park. It's cheap, you'll come across lots to talk about, and you'll be able to walk off the nerves. Bonus points if your pet dog comes along too.

3. Going for drinks

Another way to kill the nerves is with a bit of dutch courage. Yep, meeting at a bar was the third most popular first date place that led to marriage, according to 27.7 per cent of participants.

4. A movie

Not the best first date for everyone, as you can't really talk much during the screening. But it still made it as the fourth most popular first date option (18 per cent).

5. A quick coffee

Going for a casual coffee proved a popular first date option with 15 per cent of respondents. It's more easy-going than a candle-lit dinner, and coffee definitely won't give you beer goggles.

6. Visiting the beach

This is probably more of a summer option, but hitting the coast for a first date led to marriage for 10.3 per cent of participants. Why not? A walk in the sand, a cheeky dip and watching the sunset over the ocean – what could be more romantic?

7. A music festival or a concert

Going to a gig is a great way to bond over your similar music taste, with  5.6 per cent of people saying it led to long-term relationships.

8. Watching a sporting event or going for a bike ride

Sporty dates were winners for  4.7 per cent of respondents. Watching a match can be thrilling and reveal your competitive side, while going for a bike ride is a nice way to get some fresh air and let your adventurous spirits free.

9. Going to an amusement park

1.9 per cent of people say going to a fair or an amusement park is the way to go for a first date. With all the games, rides and fairy floss, it surely would be a date to remember.

Of course, it always depends on whether you click anyway. So even if your date asks to grab dinner or go for a walk along the river promenade for your first date, don't assume things are guaranteed to end in marriage...