Newlyweds' photoshoot by the sea ends in calamity

Newlyweds' photoshoot by the sea ends in calamity

When it's your wedding, it's only natural that you would want a professional photographer to take some snaps of your nuptials. After all, your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, and it's good to have a memento of the special occasion.

However, anyone who's ever been married before can attest that getting those snaps isn't always easy, and sometimes it can lead to an outright disaster.

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If you want an example then look no further than the following pictures, which have gone viral this week, which shows what can happen when Mother Nature isn't willing to play along with a photoshoot.

The incident allegedly occurred earlier this week, when bride Bekah Blakely-Savage and groom Tim decided to pose on the beach for some wedding snaps. Wading in the water on a cloudless day, with the water lapping at their thighs as they embraced one another, it was an absolutely picturesque scene.

But then the entire shoot went horribly wrong after a rogue wave literally swept them off their feet and ruined Bekah’s beautiful white wedding gown. Worst of all, the whole debacle was caught on camera, and the photographer even managed to snap the exact moment the wave hit them. Ouch!

However, rather than be upset at her dress being ruined, Bekah and Tim decided not to let the incident spoil their photos, and continued to play in the water and pose for the camera.

Bekah later posted the pictures to Reddit and captioned them: "We didn’t necessarily intend on trashing the dress, but the ocean had other plans ... The aftermath pictures are some of my favorites. We plan to frame them in a sequence going down the hall to our bedroom."

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