People are making wedding dresses with pockets and it's an absolute game-changer

People are making wedding dresses with pockets and it's an absolute game-changer

Anyone who watches the TLC show Say Yes To The Dress knows that when it comes to what outfit a bride chooses to wear for her nuptials the options are seemingly endless. Seriously, there are as many variations as you can think of, and some more besides, and picking the right garment can be a nerve-wracking process.

Not only that, but a wedding dress isn't exactly the most practical item of clothing ever designed.

After this bride told her bridesmaid she could wear what she wanted, she turned up to the wedding dressed as a T-rex!

Yet now a new kind of wedding dress, featuring a simple-yet-brilliant innovation, has gone viral on social media.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about wedding dresses with pockets! The game-changing discovery was first made by Twitter-user Esther Kezia Thorpe, who posted a snap of her friend on her wedding day last week with her hands tucked in her pockets. Kezie captioned the picture by describing the gown as "the best thing I have ever seen." 

It wasn't long before plenty of other social media users took to the comments to agree with her, and plenty of other married women shared images of themselves wearing dresses with pockets to extoll their virtues.

For instance, Twitter user wrote: "I tell this to everyone but my wife added pockets to her wedding dress 'for cake'" while someone else added: "I mean... if you’re going spend as much as we end up spending on a single dress, it better have pockets!"

Commenting on the new craze in a recent interview with British newspaper The Times, Maria Yiannikaris, co-owner of the wedding outfitters Mirror Mirror Couture, stated: “While in the old days it would have been considered bad-mannered, now, a bride can stand in a £6,000 dress, hands in pockets. Society has changed and everything’s got a lot more casual.”

Meanwhile, Christina Sancha, sales manager at London bridal boutique Sassi Holford, stated: "Customers get very excited when they try on a dress with pockets. It tends to make them feel more comfortable."

Personally, I can see lots of brides opting for a more casual look in future, but there will always be traditionalists who will never accept it.