People are sharing terrible photos taken by their friends and they're hilarious

People are sharing terrible photos taken by their friends and they're hilarious

Millennials have a reputation for being obsessed with selfies, but it's important to take photos as you go through life. Those pictures capture a moment in time - your high school graduation, your trip to Paris, that time you met Selena Gomez. When you get old, those images will trigger happy memories.

That is, unless your friend took the photo, and totally screwed it up. Your high school graduation pic has bad framing. Your pic by the Eiffel Tower has horrible lighting. And so your pic with Selena Gomez is so blurry you can't even tell it's her! When you look at those images, all you think about is much you want to strangle your friend.

Well, you're not alone. On Twitter, people are sharing great photos they took of their friends, versus terrible photos their friends took of them. If you don't roast them in public, they'll never learn!

Hope you take a photography class in college

Put in some effort, Reed!

Filters can work miracles

Who can relate? Woo!

Hope she left her friend in the desert

Where is she?

Everybody smiles, how about a cringe?

Markiplier is a Youtuber with over 20 million subscribers

There's a glaring problem

Maybe she's got a lot of muscles and skips leg day

Well, now you guys and girls are famous for taking terrible photos. Hopefully this public shaming will encourage you to improve your skills. After all, filters can only do so much. When I was in New Zealand, I visited the Hobbiton Movie Set, and my friend took a blurry photo of me in front of Bag End. No matter how many filters I try, it never looks good. Always check the pic after it's taken, I guess.