Powerful video showing the effects of domestic abuse is leaving people heartbroken

Powerful video showing the effects of domestic abuse is leaving people heartbroken

A video about domestic violence has gone viral on social media, with thousands praising it for its powerful and heartbreaking message.

The clip shows a young woman's face as she goes through an abusive relationship. First, you see her being given flowers and an engagement ring, but gradually her demeanor begins to change, and she can ultimately be seen covering up bruises with makeup.

The video has now been shared over 11,000 times on Twitter.

It sparked quite the conversation in the comments. "The multiple faces of an abused woman, what you see is not what you see, look beneath the skin to see what is happening, domestic abuse is and always has been hidden in plain sight," wrote one social media user, while another corroborated:

"It’s really disappointing that person suffering from it couldn’t raise his/her voice easily bcz of fear of family and society!! # plz raise your voice either u r a Victim or a witness!! #domesticabuse is a CRIME & reality is much more worse than shown in clip ! [sic]"

"Let alone physical abuse , what about emotional abuse when the soul is left battered everyday," added a third.

Another wrote: "Domestic abuse is not always physical... No one shows or tries to create videos about emotional torture."

Earlier this year, a domestic abuse victim handed in her estranged husband's firearms to police after he was taken to jail for allegedly attempting to run her over, CNN reported.

Courtney Irby, who hails from Florida, removed Joseph Irby’s guns from his home the day after he had tried to run her over, telling law enforcement that she was handing them in for safekeeping.

However, when Lakeland police discovered she had taken them without Joseph’s permission, they proceeded to arrest her for armed burglary of a dwelling and the grand theft of a firearm.

State representative, Anna Eskamani, said Courtney was "actively protecting herself" and that "we should be outraged by her arrest".

She was later bonded out of Polk County Jail.