Reporter soaked with hose while reporting on neighbor dispute

Reporter soaked with hose while reporting on neighbor dispute

A Current Affair reporter was soaked with a hose in the middle of a report about a neighborly dispute.

Sam Cucciara, a Channel 9 journalist, was reporting on a story in Blackburn, Melbourne. The story centered around some public housing tenants and a disability pensioner on the other side of the street.

Margaret Stokes, 59, told the journalist that she was afraid of her neighbors and avoided leaving the house because of their incessant terrorizing.

This is the bizarre moment a news reporter was hosed down while he was reporting a story:

“I would not be surprised if they killed us,” Margaret told Cucciare. “I can’t do anything. I’m just trapped.”

However, when Cucciara and the ACA camera crew approached the neighbors in question - Rob Rakei and his daughter Sage - a young man began spraying him in his face with a garden hose.

This is the brazen moment a jogger smacks a TV reporter’s bottom as she reports live from a race in Georgia:

“What are you doing with the hose,” Cucciara asks. “Excuse me, sir. What are you doing? Do you think you own the street? … So you guys are being bullies to your neighbors and now you’re hosing us down?”

Margaret and her daughter Rachel also shared alarming footage with the news station, revealing snippets of the abuse they faced at the hands of their neighbors.

Credit: Nine Network

In some of the footage captured by ACA, the neighbors can be heard screaming and shouting at them. In another shocking clip, a young woman is seen leaning over the fence and spitting at Margaret and Rachel.

According to the news station, Margaret and Rachel have now been offered a new home in which to live.

Regarding the shocking incident, Cucciara tweeted: “Well I can’t say this has ever happened before.”