Single mum makes $11,000 by charging wealthy married men to date her

Single mum makes $11,000 by charging wealthy married men to date her

Most people have fantasised about leaving their job and taking on a whole new career at one point or another, but few people would ever think that their love life could become a lucrative source of revenue.

Single mom Britney Boone, from North Carolina, was unable to meet her childcare costs with her meagre sales job wages, and decided she needed to find a new source of cash. To that end, she turned to the online dating site What's Your Price.

Here, affluent suitors bid in an online auction for the chance to go on a date with her, and now Britney has managed to make over $11,000 through dating rich dudes.

An image of Britney Boone. Credit: Press Association

But it's not just financial security that Britney benefits from. She's also been showered with gifts, including designer jewellery, exotic holidays abroad, and free lunches and dinners. On one memorable occasion, one of her sugar daddy suitors gave her his credit card and let Britney go on an $800 (£609) shopping spree at the mall.

Commenting on her newfound career in a recent interview, Britney stated: "If I had $1 for every time I’ve been called a prostitute, I’d be rich ... While I’m on the site for its financial incentives and not to find love, it’s a completely different thing.

"Prostitutes are paid for a very specific thing, whereas I am paid for my time and there is no pressure to do anything I don’t want to do. I can understand why people think that as money is involved, but actually, I’ve only slept with one man I met on the site, who I ended up in a relationship with anyway. Anyone else I’ve met I see more as a mentor."

She added: "I know people will read this and think, ‘Why didn’t you just get another job?’ But I am a single mum, I can’t work 24/7 without seeing my child. She has a strict routine and she needs me there. I looked into the option of childcare too, but it would be around $1,400 (£1,063) a month, which is the majority of your monthly salary, if you are low paid or on minimum wage. It got to the point where I really couldn’t afford much at all. It was really tough."

An image of Britney Boone. Credit: Press Association

"There is the odd man that is only after one thing, but you get that anywhere. Mostly, the men are mature, career-driven and well-rounded. They’ve even given me career and business advice and let me pick their brains for sales tips, as a lot of them work in that world ...

"To women wanting to try it themselves, I’d say be cautious and listen to your gut. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything. Just because money is involved, doesn’t mean there is an expectation. Other than that, have fun. You get to get dressed up, go out and get wined and dined – what’s so bad about that?"

Although Britney has met with some backlash and has been disappointed by how many married men have tried to have affairs with her, she insists that what she's doing isn't sex work, and that the majority of her loved ones know what she does and are supportive.

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