Suspicious girlfriend hires woman to catch boyfriend cheating but it backfires massively

Suspicious girlfriend hires woman to catch boyfriend cheating but it backfires massively

Suspecting your partner is cheating is one of the worst feelings you can have. But we're here to share some pearls of wisdom: whatever you do, do not hire a honeytrapper to test out your theory. We're telling you, you may live to regret it.

That's exactly what happened to Alysha Bush when she began believing her boyfriend Kourbine Lee was doing the dirty on her.

Alysha and Kourbine began dating in January 2017 after meeting at a mall in Arizona - but the new love was tough, due to the fact that they had to do long-distance.

Alysha Bush, 23, and Kourbine Lee, 23 Credit: Snapchat/Second Chance

Kourbine was based in California and Alysha was a student-athlete in Arizona, so they spent a lot of time apart. Despite the miles between them though, the couple made it work for the most part, with Alysha saying that they quickly became "best friends".

However, over time, the romance became more and more challenging - as anyone who has done, or is doing, long-distance will know, it ain't easy!

The tension hit an all-time high when they traveled to Las Vegas with Kourbine's family, with 23-year-old Alysha claiming his behaviour was less than honourable.

"We were already so far apart, there was just lack of communication, we were subliminally trying to make each other jealous over social media," she said. "I went to Vegas with him and his family friends and he was very distant from me, he was looking and kind of hitting on other girls in front of me in Vegas."

Alysha Bush, 23, and Kourbine Lee, 23 Credit: Snapchat/Second Chance

Feeling uncertain about their relationship, Alysha recruited Paula Contento, a member of the same gym as her boyfriend, to approach him and see if he would be unfaithful.

The results of this honeytrap were not good. To Alysha's horror, Paula reported back to say that 23-year-old Kourbine had taken her out and they had "hooked up".

The livid girlfriend broke up with Kourbine, but they never talked about what happened with Paula - but little did Alysha know, her operation had backfired massively.

Five months later, the former couple reunited on Snapchat's popular relationship show Second Chance, which is dedicated to bringing exes who still have feelings for each other, or unresolved issues, back together.

Paula Contento on Second Chance Credit: Snapchat/Second Chance

After accusing her former partner of cheating in front of the whole world, Alysha wasn't buying it when Kourbine denied all wrongdoing. Deciding to video call Paula to prove he was lying, she was in for a shock.

I hope you're sitting down, because here comes the drop: it never happened! Paula lied about the whole thing.

Speaking during the episode, Paula owned up to her deceit and admitted that she had decided to make up a story because she didn’t think Alysha "deserved" Kourbine.

"Clearly she doesn’t value the faithful amazing man that you are. I thought, you know, maybe I have a chance," she said.

Paula later told BuzzFeed News: "My tactics were indeed sneaky. I lied to Alysha. I think I did it mostly because at the time, I was going through things of my own, and it angered me that a woman would set her man up the way she did instead of simply communicating with him. So I took her $50 dollars and I lied to her."

After appearing on the show, Alysha and Kourbine briefly reconciled, but have now gone their separate ways, with Alysha naming their second attempt at love "tainted".

The moral of the story here? Communication is key!

"The biggest lesson for me in this is to not let things build up in relationships without communicating about it," Alysha said. "Every time I saw him doing something questionable I would just harbour it and not communicate with him about it, so I let it all build up and get to me to the point where I paid Paula."