This college student emailed 246 Nicoles to find the one he met at a bar

This college student emailed 246 Nicoles to find the one he met at a bar

We've all had missed connections. You meet someone you like, and you forget to ask for their number. Or you enter the number incorrectly. Or you lose your phone before the night is over. It's frustrating because you keep wondering, did you miss out on an amazing relationship? Was that 'the one'? You wish you could pull a Marty McFly, go back in time and do things differently, but you can't.

Well, sometimes all hope isn't lost. Carlos Zetina is a student at the University of Calgary, and last Thursday, he met a woman at the bar named Nicole. They had an instant connection, and even gave her and her friend a ride home. But unfortunately, when he asked for her number, he took down the digits wrong.

Instead of giving up on Nicole, or assuming she gave him the wrong number on purpose, Carlos decided to track her down. He emailed a message to 246 students similar names - every Nicole, Nicolette, Nikki, Nicky, etc. The subject header read, "Met you last night and you gave me the wrong number." In the message, he explains he's trying to find a Nicole from Holland who thinks Nieztsche is depressing. (That narrows it down!) At the end, he leaves his number, so she can  contact him if she's interested.

The Nicoles emailed each other, and bonded over sharing the same name. Some joked that they should all reply to Carlos, claiming to be the "the real Nicole." They started a Facebook group called Nicole From Last Night, and some of them even met up at a bar. That's right, friendships were formed out of this! Carlos might be alone, but he brought all the Nicoles together.

The romantic quest went viral, and eventually got back to the real Nicole. She wasn't included on the mass email because she doesn't have a university account. But she discovered the Facebook group, and one of the Nicoles helped her get in touch. "He had a connection with this woman and I guess she felt it too," Nicole Thompson told Metro. "So it’s kind of the perfect ending to this." She added that Carlos described himself as a "hopeless romantic."

The real Nicole said that she meant to give Carlos her number, but he must have gotten a digit wrong. "I’m not embarrassed," she said. "It’s just funny how much it got out of hand." Yeah, that must have been a great conversation about Nietzsche. Anyway, the real Nicole added that plans on meeting Carlos for coffee (woo-hoo!) but just as friends (d'oh!).

Okay, maybe their connection got exaggerated a bit. But hey, at least Carlos, tracked the real Nicole down, and they can give romance a try. And look at the bright side: If it doesn't work out with the real Nicole, there's 246 other Nicoles on campus who might be interested.