This evil genius managed to dupe dozens of guys into a mass Tinder date

This evil genius managed to dupe dozens of guys into a mass Tinder date

We all have and know a Tinder horror story or two, but none of them come close to this. Tinder, Bumble, Badoo and all these other dating apps have made the way we communicate with one another change drastically. The jury is still out as to whether it's for the better or the worse, but their influence is undeniable.

One of the perils of using these apps is the possibility of being catfished. If you're not sure what this term means, it's essentially when someone fools you into believing they're someone that they're not. However, while these stories may have multiple victims over the course of a few months, it's rare that they will all meet one another in one go... until now.

Taking to his Twitter account, user @bvdhai shared the story of a girl called Natasha who duped dozens of dudes to show up to a "mass Tinder date" in Times Square.

"I am about to tell you an epic tale about subterfuge, dating in the 21st century and the fall of human civilization. This actually happened to me and it could happen to you too," the man said.

He goes on to explain that he met a girl on Tinder, started chatting and she asked for his number. After a few messages back and forth, she asked if they could put their date on hold due to having a presentation to do for work. Understandably, given the nature of the virtual dating world, the man in question assumed that he was being ghosted.

However, staying true to her word, Natasha pops back up into the guy's messages and says that she is still up for a date if he is. Of course, surprised to see her, he agrees. The two agree to meet at Union Square to watch her friend DJ and then go for drinks afterwards and, despite his suspicions telling him something wasn't right, the guy decides to go ahead with the plan.

The guy gets to Union Square and notices that there is a DJ playing to a pretty big crowd. He then receives a text saying that she's running late (this is when it gets crazy) and grabs a hotdog. Then, he sees her moving backstage and flanked by two massive bodyguards

Playing it safe, the guy decides to stay back until she texts him to clarify what is going on. However, rather than get in touch, the woman appears on stage and ANNOUNCES THAT THIS IS SOME SORT OF F**KED UP HUNGER GAMES DATING SHOW AND THAT SHE MET THEM ALL FROM TINDER AND NOW THEY MUST COMPETE FOR HER LOVE.

So, what did our brave, gallant soldier do in this situation? Did he fight to the death for the sacred, warm, love of a woman? No. He went home.

Not before taking a photo, though.

And there you have it: the story of how one girl duped hundreds of thirsty Tinder guys in one go. What a woman.