This guy got a girl's number on Tinder by telling her a story all about a duck

This guy got a girl's number on Tinder by telling her a story all about a duck

Dating was never simple, but with the rise of online dating and apps such as Tinder and Bumble, it all became incredibly easy to navigate, right? Well, it does make certain things easier - but to say that dating is a breeze in 2019 would be a massive overstatement.

Finding the right person to go on a date with is pretty hard when you're doing it all face-to-face, but at least when you can really see who you're talking to and understand what sort of person they are, you can find out whether it's worth the trouble. On the likes of Tinder, however, you can check what they look like, ask them questions about their jobs, their outlook on life and their general interests - but you still need to meet them in person before you know whether it was worth it.

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The problem with match-making on these apps is that you've got to sell yourself pretty quickly, and there are countless pitfalls to avoid along the way. There's plenty of people out there who are probably so desperate to look appealing to a prospective partner they end up acting unlike themselves, potentially putting off their best matches. So that's when people start looking out of the box for alternate techniques - though few are as out-there as this one.

One man had a... let's say "unique" approach to the dating problem, and somehow it paid off. After all, I suppose showing a little creativity is an attractive feature to many, even when it all comes down to a story about a duck.

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After matching with a woman on Tinder, one man avoided all the usual cliches and started to spin a yarn about a duck walking through the forest. But this wasn't just a one-sided conversation, but a choose-your-own adventure narrative. Move over Bandersnatch, because this was a story that not only got her invested in the conversation, but landed him her number before too long.

First of all, he starts off with a "lost duck walking through the forest," asking his match which way she wants to go - and even providing some emojis for a visual aid. Then he starts giving her more options as the story continues...

He even starts to bring in her joking question, making it part of the lore.

She's getting invested in the duck's story now, choosing to be a little curious even there is risk involved.

And that's when it all comes to a head, and his plan comes to fruition...

That's right, she sent him her number, and it was worth all the effort for this brave Tinder user.

It's mad, but in a way it kind of makes sense. After all, what people really want from a date a lot of the time is fun, and what better way to let someone know you're fun to hang out with than with a creative story like this?