This is the surprising body type that ladies apparently most lust after in men

This is the surprising body type that ladies apparently most lust after in men

When we imagine the perfect man's body, we typically think of tight abs and bulging biceps - that's just the shape that women lust after... right?

Growing up, we quickly learn from movies and TV that unless you have a Ryan Reynolds-esque physique, you're probably going to have trouble getting a lady, and are bound to lose many of them to toned gym rats who can only be dragged away from their weights for seconds at a time.

But, take a moment and ask yourself: is that really what women want? If a recent report on women's porn search habits is anything to go by, the answer to this question is absolutely not.

A shocking new interview with a Pornhub spokesperson has reportedly revealed that ladies out there who use the site aren't as bothered by the meatheads as we thought, and actually tend to prefer hairy, dad bodies.

According to the Canadian pornographic video sharing website - which is the largest porn site on the internet - the male body types ladies lusted after were "hairy" and "daddy", a big surprise given the fact that we're all supposed to harbour a keen sexual appetite for the Channing Tatums of the world.

Corey Price, Pornhub's vice president of operations, said: "As a society we now champion the concept of body positivity, encouraging everyone to love their own bodies and celebrate what makes them unique – flaws and all.”

So boys, time to quit the work out sessions and hit the pub, eh? Well, unfortunately, I'd take the revelation with a pinch of salt. There have been numerous studies over the years into the male body type that women find most attractive, and the results haven't always turned out in favour of those who enjoy sitting at home watching Netflix in their underwear, instead of clocking up those reps.

A study from UCLA - published in the August issue of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin in 2007 - found that men who are more muscular than average are much more likely to have short-term affairs and multiple sex partners than their scrawnier peers. In addition, a 2017 study from Griffith University, Queensland, aimed at testing how important physical strength is to men's bodily attractiveness, claimed that women almost always found muscled bodies more appealing.

On the other hand, Richard Bribiescas, Professor of Anthropology and Deputy Provost at Yale University, claimed in late 2017 that the so-called 'dad bod' is most attractive to women.

So, with all of these studies flying about, perhaps the real question is: which one is right? Should men be hitting the weight room or the local bar? As cheesy as it sounds, who cares? You do you, men out there.

Besides, it seems men will never win the race when it comes to porn. In the interview with Daily Star Online, the Pornhub spokesperson also revealed that the most popular porn searched by women is ‘lesbian’ and has been for several years.

Too bad, guys.