This one small Instagram clue will predict which couples won't last

This one small Instagram clue will predict which couples won't last

What is it about the society we have created that leads celebrity couples to feel the need to broadcast the fact that they have separated? In this fame-hungry society we live in, where A-listers bang on about their thirst for privacy, celebs appear to revel in letting us know that they have "consciously uncoupled" via the medium of social media.

Often these statements are created on a low budget powerpoint slide, with a colour-gradient forming the backdrop and feature the most nonsensical language imaginable. Like this monstrosity, courtesy of professional actor, Channing Tatum.

"Hey gang :-)," they will say - acting like they actually give two shakes about what Sonia from Minnesota thinks of their relationship.

"We have literally never been more in love with each other, we're soulmates now & will be forever.

"We're mates for life, like two Shingleback Skinks, but we're journeying down different paths and have decided to consciously uncouple.

"We hope you respect our decision and our privacy."

Of course, the internet will wail and moan, but, if we're being honest, we're all over the whole ordeal within two seconds. However, while these public break-ups may happen to what appears to be the strongest of couples, there may actually be some science behind the separations.

For those of you who were regular frequenters of Tatum's and Dewan's Instagram accounts, you may have noticed that they were pretty public in their love for one another. Much like that annoying couple from your school, who went on to have kids at the age 17 of and now look completely dead behind the eyes - they regularly popped up on our timeline's to plaster their relationship all over your screen. I mean, just look at this upload from Tatum.

While for the majority of people these messages were clearly a way of conveying the bond that the couple had, science claims that it could signify the opposite. In September 2014, a team of researchers published a study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that suggested couples who have "high relationship visibility" may actually be masking their insecurities. Essentially, by spamming your newsfeed with their "his & hers" dressing gowns and slippers, they're revealing that they actually aren't that keen on each other.

Of course, that is an over-exaggeration, but the hypothesis does have some weight to it. It's rooted in attachment theory and suggests that those who have anxiety about their relationships are more likely to over-share theirs.

"On a daily basis, when people felt more insecure about their partner’s feelings, they tended to make their relationships visible," the researchers wrote. "These studies highlight the role of relationships in how people portray themselves to others."

Other research also seems to suggest the same thing, with couples who consistently upload images may be hiding the fact that their nowhere near as happy as their "perfect" Instagram appearance may suggest.

So, tonight when you're browsing your Insta and that couple who you hate-follow come up, rest easy in the fact that their relationship is more than likely a complete shambles.