This single mom makes a staggering $10,000 a year by charging men to date her

This single mom makes a staggering $10,000 a year by charging men to date her

A formerly-debt-ridden woman from Boston has revealed how she managed to make more than $10,000 a year by charging men to date her.

Sabrina Perez, a 25-year-old single mum from Boston, was in financial trouble, with a run of bad luck leaving her struggling to provide for herself and her four-year-old daughter. At one point, she had so many outstanding debts that she was sure she was due to be evicted from her home.

However, she managed to turn her life around by joining dating website, where users can put up for auction the chance for a date, which affluent suitors can then bid for. Despite being nervous at first, she was very successful and was soon getting bids of $200 (£154), $300 (£231), even $400 (£308).

She's now made enough cash on the side to clear her debts and bag herself some lavish gifts, including designer clothes, perfume and jewelry.

Two images of Sabrina Perez. Credit: Press Association

Some have accused Sabrina of being little more than a glorified escort, but she insists that she's actually met far nicer and more honest men through the venture than she ever did before. She's currently dating a number of guys who have contacted her via the website and says that for her and her daughter, life has never been better.

Commenting on her unusual money-making scheme in a recent interview, Sabrina stated:

"You don’t owe these men anything, and most of them just want a companion. But, if you do get someone interested in one thing, you just move along. I don’t pick anybody I wouldn’t date in the real world, so the way I see it, if I’d go out with them for free anyway, I may as well get a little financial help out of it.

"I’d either meet people through work or in bars when I went out. But I don’t want somebody that’s just going to use me. I’m looking for someone mature, who knows their mind and their goals. I want a proper connection, and to find somebody I can one day introduce my daughter to, as I am very protective about who she meets."

She added:

"I’d been having a very difficult time. Being a single mum means it’s all down to me, but trying to pay for everything – my own home, my daughter’s schooling, all our bills – was taking over my life ... It was very stressful. I worried we would end up being evicted...

"The men I have met have been far better than anybody I got talking to before. They are more mature, know what they want and have their goals in mind, and are actually looking to settle down rather than party or use you for the wrong thing."

Two images of Sabrina Perez. Credit: Press Association

So does Sabrina have any advice for women out there who want to follow in her footsteps, or anything to say in response to her critics?

Only this:

"To anybody who may be sceptical, I’d say that, just like with any other date, you can walk away at any time and say no to anybody you don’t feel comfortable with, or anything you don’t feel comfortable doing ... At the end of the day, dating is just about being in that moment with someone and enjoying that connection."