Three elderly women move in together because they don't want to self-isolate alone

Three elderly women move in together because they don't want to self-isolate alone

The Beatles once sang: "I get by with a little help from my friends", and that couldn't be more true for three wonderful ladies in the north of England.

Per BBC, lifelong friends Doreen, Dotty, and Carol have been through divorce and loss together, and now they're planning on getting through the coronavirus pandemic with each other's support, by going into isolation together.

Check out these three incredible ladies in the video below:

Per medical experts, people over the age of 70 are at a higher risk of being infected with COVID-19. Therefore, the UK government has suggested that anybody in that age-group self-isolate as a protective measure.

However, for many people over-70, self-isolation comes with loneliness.

That's why three lifelong friends - Doreen, Dotty, and Carol - have made the decision to bunk up together in an effort to make quarantine more enjoyable.

The three ladies - are all in their 70s -  have known each other for over 40 years, and told BBC presenter Jayne McGubbin that it wouldn't feel right if they couldn't support each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Doreen said: "We'll have a week in our own homes in self-isolation and if we're still fit and well then we would decide which house to go and live in."

Comparing their homes, Doreen revealed that despite all have three bedrooms, each property had its own unique traits to make self-isolation a little more bearable.

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"Dotty's got a lovely, long back garden which would be great for exercising", she revealed - causing Carol to pipe up and say that she does too. Doreen then mentioned that she's got a "front room", which would come in handy in case the ladies get "tetchy" with each other.

But then Doreen swung it for us when she revealed she's got a Netflix subscription, so the three of them could all sit down and watch The Crown.

The ladies then revealed that the only thing they've been "panic buying" is wine - as they showed presenter a bottle and glass "for when they've finished [the interview]".

Discussing their friendship, the ladies said: "We've seen each other through divorces and loss - we go on holiday together, we look after each other.

"We feel sorry for those who are going to be out of work. The cafes are closing, the theatres - we should have been at the theatre on Friday. What's going to happen to these people?"

Per BBC News, is it still not known when the UK government will enforce self-isolation for over-70s, but Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that when they do, it will be for "a very long time".