'Trans-species' woman who identifies as an 'elf' is mercilessly roasted by viewers

'Trans-species' woman who identifies as an 'elf' is mercilessly roasted by viewers

A woman who appeared on UK breakfast show Good Morning Britain to announce that she identifies as an "elf" has made quite an impression on many of the show's sceptical viewers.

Kimberel Eventide, who also referred to herself as "trans-species" during the interview, spoke in great detail about what it is like living the life of an elf.

Take a look at the interview which has since sparked backlash on Twitter:

During her appearance, Eventide revealed that - despite purportedly not being human herself - she is married to a human male.

"I consider myself an Elvin-kin, which is an otherkin that feels more like an elf," Eventide explained. "Otherkins are those souls that have a human body but their soul belongs to some other species.

"It is far more than just cosplay - it is a way of life. It's not about the ears, it's who you are in the inside and how you carry yourself - but ears do make it fun."

Piers Morgan, one of the show's hosts, drew attention to the fact that people were laughing about her apparent non-human identity, prompting the guest to confirm that she really is serious about it.

"I believe that otherkins are human but also have other parts to make them unique," she insisted. "Everything in the universe, all things we imagine, we can be and become."

It then got a little more personal when Morgan asked Eventide whether "elves are allowed to have sex with humans", considering she herself is married to one.

In response, she answered that it is indeed possible and that their babies will "have an elven soul within a human body".

To conclude the interview, the usually fiery presenter exchanged pleasantries with Eventide in Elven, translating to "A star shines in our hour of meeting."

"Whatever rocks your boat," Morgan adds right at the end.

Many viewers of the segment, however, weren't quite as tolerant of the woman's unique lifestyle - expressing this in no uncertain terms on their Twitter pages: