Wedding guest left stunned after bride tells her $275 gift isn't 'expensive enough'

Wedding guest left stunned after bride tells her $275 gift isn't 'expensive enough'

We all know how stressful weddings can be for those who are tasked with organising them, never mind the people who are actually getting married on the day in question. There's just so much to consider; the catering, the dress, which unruly relatives to invite... the list really is endless.

But this next forum post highlights a somewhat unusual wedding day problem. A woman from Australia has shared how she was blasted by an irate bride after she took umbrage at the price tag attached to her wedding gift. Apparently, the present wasn't expensive enough for her to recoup the costs of the invite.

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Posting in a wedding-related forum, the flustered guest wrote: "I've just hung up the phone from a friend (ex-friend now!) whose wedding was a few weekends ago. She had a beautiful wedding, lots of guests, lots of wine and food. There were even fireworks when she and her new hubby left (via yacht) to go on their honeymoon. She was ringing people thanking them for coming to her wedding. Sweet right? Wrong."

"[But then] She says to me, that it wasn't enough and that the venue charge was $250 per head, so I owed her another $300 cash. At first, I thought she was being sarcastic and joking, but she was serious. She didn't consider the candle a real gift because she 'can't do anything with it' and 'it wasn't the big one that she wanted. For real I let her nag at me for five minutes because I was speechless. I still am!"

She added: "I'm from Australia and it's not common to give gifts that relate to the cost of you attending the wedding. Today I learned that it is normal in some cultures, but it's not been a thing I've encountered. $200 is a lot of money for the average person to give here. And yes, that candle really is expensive, but she wanted it  ... so I thought she'd be happy with my gift."

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So what do you think? Did the bride have the right to demand a bigger gift? Or has she got some serious entitlement issues? You can argue that weddings are getting too materialistic anyway. Still: who spends that much on a candle?!