Woman changes captions of all images with ex-boyfriends to make them 'more accurate'

Woman changes captions of all images with ex-boyfriends to make them 'more accurate'

A woman has gone viral on social media this week, after she edited the captions of several old Instagram photos of her ex-boyfriends, and made some hilarious changes.

Taking to Twitter, a girl named Rosie from Singapore who goes by the handle @jasminericegirl reposted a number of her old Instagram snaps with the men she used to date. She wrote: "decided to unarchive all the pictures I had with shitty guys because I look cute but updated the captions to be more accurate." 

Rosie then updated each of the pictures with more honest, and much more sarcastic, captions. For instance, in a picture of her with one ex at a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, she changed the original caption from: "Not a fan of Valentine's Day but a huge fan of my Valentine" into "He broke up with me the next day!"

In another, Rosie can be seen with another ex standing in front of the Boston skyline. The original captioned stated: "Took a 7 hour bus to Boston to take this picture. [sic]" Meanwhile, her new edit read: "Was not worth the trip."

Rosie later took to Twitter to add: "If our pic has no edit though it means you were a decent person and I truly truly wish you the best, thank you for being good to me when we were together. [sic]"

She continued: "I just wanted to clarify this tweet isn't about shaming any of the men pictured. This post is about me, how I moved on by acknowledging my experiences and pain, and knowing that I deserve better. & also that I look good in these pics [sic]"

She also added that she had been touched by the reactions of some people who retweeted her post and commented on it, writing: "Heart is really full from girls sharing their stories with me of how they've been hurt and coped. remember that healing is not always about forgiving and forgetting, and however you choose to heal and move on know that you deserve the world. [sic]"

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So maybe Rosie's new captions are a bit cheeky, but they seem to be helping other people get over the exes, and that can only be a good thing!