Woman criticised online after complaining about the size of her engagement ring

Woman criticised online after complaining about the size of her engagement ring

A woman who admitted to being disappointed with her £5,000 ($6,450) diamond engagement ring because it was "so small" has been slammed online for her "ungrateful" response.

Taking to UK-based parenting forum Netmums, User Sarah S explained that her partner, who she "loves very much", had arranged the "most beautiful proposal" in Italy three months ago.

This woman swallowed her engagement ring while dreaming about her Fiancé:

However, when the British bride-to-be saw it, she was immediately displeased with the 0.8 carat solitaire diamond and platinum ring.

"When he opened the box the first thing I thought was 'it’s small,'" she wrote. "The ring is lovely - it’s a platinum, round brilliant cut solitaire 0.8ct. He had it made from a reputable firm and it cost just shy of £5k ($6,450)."

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"I have done so much research, I constantly stare at other people’s rings and still look in shop windows and I can’t help but feel a 0.8ct (nearly a whole carat!) should look a bit bigger. He even told me when he collected it he too thought it looked small. He knew my friends’ rings were around 0.6-0.7 and bless him, he said he wanted me to have a 'better' ring to be proud and show off - mine look tiny compared to my friends' rings, it makes no sense," she continued.

The woman, who insists she’s "not a shallow or fickle person", explained that "the setting is very low" so it's "flat to [her] hand".

"I broached it with him the other day and he got annoyed, saying he got me what I wanted," she added. "It’s a beautiful ring and I shouldn’t be so ungrateful as it’s making him feel bad."

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The soon-to-be-bride then gives the floor to the other members of the forum, saying: "Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated."

Unfortunately for her, though, they weren't exactly fighting her corner, with many Netmums users telling the woman that it’s not the ring that's the problem, it’s her finger.

"Its not about the ring, its about the finger," a top comment read. "Like you said; your friends have rings with smaller stones but those still look bigger than yours. The difference is in the finger its on. Your fiance is right, you got what you asked for but unfortunately, he has to put than a ring on your finger and he can not change *your finger*."

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"As has been said, a lot depends on the shape and size of the wearer's hands and fingers and the style and setting of the ring," another agreed.

"Wow I am sorry but how ungrateful are you," a different person wrote.

"You are spoilt and ungrateful and you have come to the internet in the hope that you will find support in validating your ungrateful selfish attitude," another commented.

Ouch! I bet she wasn't expecting that reaction...