Woman discovers her husband is cheating on her after seeing mistress's Instagram posts

Woman discovers her husband is cheating on her after seeing mistress's Instagram posts

Cheating, in the majority of cases, can't be condoned. Not only is it a cruel and selfish thing to do to someone whom you're supposed to "love", but you're essentially giving your current relationship a death sentence. I mean, there's no "good" excuse for getting physical with someone other than your partner (no matter how many alcoholic beverages you consumed prior to the fact). It really is about self-control and if you're needing to actually restrain yourself, you may want to consider calling it quits on your current relationship.

Modern technology, however, has made the lives of cheaters more difficult. Case in point: a woman discovered that her husband was cheating on her thanks to his mistress's Instagram account.

While social media helps us connect with our far-flung friends and relatives, there are some serious drawbacks. For one, we're all mindlessly addicted to Instagram and Twitter, and some people are dangerously open with what they put up online - something which often ends up haunting them later in life.

Now, for the majority of us, this translates to an embarrassing email address or a slew of terrible photographs, but for one couple it resulted in their entire sordid affair being revealed to the world.
Russian native, Anna Rudenok, first became suspicious that her husband, Dmitry, was having an affair when she saw that he kept liking the photos of a woman called Emilia Ignatova. I mean, if you're cheating on your significant other, surely that's one of the things that you don't do.

As if this wasn't bad enough, the pair took it one step further. In what has to be one of the worst attempts at trying to conceal a liaison, Emilia, who kept her Instagram account public throughout this whole ordeal, decided to post photographs of herself inside Anna's home - and not only that, she was pictured wearing her clothes and playing with her cat.

When Anna eventually confronted her philandering husband, Dmitry, he refused to address her accusations, and just deleted his Instagram account. Shortly after, Emilia's profile mysteriously became private too.

But when the story started being picked up by news outlets in Russia, Dmitry had a lot to say. "He called me and said, 'I'll destroy you, I'll bury you, I won't care that you are the mother of my child'," Anna stated.

"I asked him what was my fault? It wasn't me who had an affair or posted pictures in the wife's clothes.

"Then this woman called me and threatened me, too. I said I was ready to go to the police if this was to continue."

Anna informed the press that she's since moved out of the home she shared with Dmitry, and is currently staying at her parents' until further notice.

Well, that has to be the most poorly thought out affair ever. I mean, at least make your social media accounts private...

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