Woman launches viral campaign to track down the 'hot guy' she met on a flight

Woman launches viral campaign to track down the 'hot guy' she met on a flight

Social media is probably one of the most powerful tools of the modern age. Just think about it: with nothing more than an internet connection and a couple of keystrokes on your phone or laptop, you could find that long-lost friend from high school, or get yourself into a conversation with a celebrity or a politician, or - if you're Donald Trump - broadcast your spelling errors to tens of millions of people.

So, when Jo Lia missed her opportunity to ask for a hot guy's number while on a flight home to England from Spain, she hoped that Facebook would have her back in helping to track him down.

Earlier this week, she uploaded a snap of the man with the caption, "*FIND HOT GUY*".

Along with the picture, the mother-of-one included these details:

"Jo was sat next to a hot guy on a plane from Valencia to Gatwick yesterday.

"Hot guy helped Jo put luggage into overhead hold.

"Hot guy made conversation a few times.

"Hot guy got Jo's luggage down for her.

"Hot guy looked a little like Jordan Henderson.

"Hot guy's name was also Joe!

"Jo and Joe smiled at each other a few times.

"Jo was silly.

"Jo didn't give hot guy her number when she had the opportunity!

"Jo regrets this now.

"Help Jo find hot guy by sharing this post!! Even if just for fun!!"

In what seemed like no time at all, the post had been shared hundreds of times and attracted dozens of comments from strangers wishing Jo good luck with finding her hunky plane seatmate.

"Shared for you! Praying he's single and straight and finds his way to you," wrote one person. "He's probably doing the same thing of sharing his story!! Xx"

"Go to help desk at the airport, say passenger Joe left something on the plane, give your number, when he calls say 'You left me'... Good luck!" wrote another.

As of yet, it isn't clear whether Jo and Joe have been reunited - or even if Joe has any interest in doing so. After all, it could turn out that he was just some guy trying his best to be polite and friendly to the nice woman who happened to be sat beside him on his plane journey.

Then again, Jo does seem to be a lovely person, and they clearly have a lot in common (what with the same name, the same taste in holiday destinations, and the same shy, smiley nature) - so what's to say that it couldn't happen for these two?

For what it's worth, we hope that Hot Guy Joe sees this post and gets in touch with Hot Girl Jo as soon as possible, even if only to let her know that he saw her post, and he's flattered, but isn't really into it. Ideally, though, the two will find some way to meet very soon, and we'll be reporting on their wedding in a couple of years' time.

Fingers crossed!