Woman makes widowers sex dolls of their dead wives to help them grieve

Woman makes widowers sex dolls of their dead wives to help them grieve

A woman who has established a successful sex doll business has opened up about its success.

Jade Stanley, pictured below, explained that "loneliness" is the driving force behind her business, Sex Doll Official.

The 36-year-old set up the company last year and now offers a special bereavement service to people looking to cope with grief by having a doll that resembles a dead loved one.

In the video below, Stanley explains how sex dolls can help bereaved people: 

"I customize requests for different eye color, hair, body shape, tattoos, and piercings," she told the Metro.

"Any kind of customization you can think of I can do and I can replicate the look of somebody else."

However, the 36-year-old said that she would never create a doll to replicate a living person, and, in cases of bereavement dolls, the person looking to purchase one must have permission from the person being replicated prior to their death.

Stanley believes that the explosion in popularity of sex dolls is largely a result of how people live in the modern world.

"The problem these days is that social media has made people so isolated," she said. "Anxiety levels are also heightened."

"You can understand why loneliness is such an issue in our society and why people would find comfort in a doll. If these dolls can bring comfort to somebody then I think that’s absolutely fantastic."

While sex dolls have traditionally been used for, well, sex, the mom-of-four said that she was shocked to learn how many people simply want them for company.

"The comfort element has been absolutely overwhelming. I think it's so good, it brings a different spin on it," she revealed.

Many of the "comfort" customers even request that their dolls don't have vaginas.

"It's very normal," she said. "They want them to keep the bed warm or just be a presence in their home."

Stanley's dolls can be purchased for $1,641 for a basic model and her customizable dolls start from $6,299.