Woman seeks man to sing 'Since U Been Gone' with her on Tinder

Woman seeks man to sing 'Since U Been Gone' with her on Tinder

Although all of us would like somebody to share our lives with, everyone's got something a little different they're looking for when they're thinking about the person they hope to call their partner. Some people look for someone fun and spontaneous, others want someone who's a good cook or a capable parent.

But in a relationship, some people search far and wide for something a little bit... left field.

For 19-year-old Sarah, a student at the University of Ottawa, that's certainly the case.

Like most girls her age, Sarah swipes her way to love through the dating app Tinder - but unlike most other girls, Sarah wants only one thing: a man who will sing Kelly Clarkson's 2006 hit, Since U Been Gone, with her.

It's an... unorthodox request, sure, but one easily achievable when it comes to the girl or guy of your dreams, you'd think.

However, in the modern age, it's all too easy to match and make promises first and then disappoint later - to break hearts by instead singing Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend or Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas, both hit songs from the mid-2000s, but not quite what we're looking for, eh? Such is dating life.

But if you're Sarah, imagine how delighted you'd be if someone sent over a message asking you how they should send over their audition video. You'd think they were joking.

When Sarah checked her e-mail inbox though, she found a very funny (and very long) video confirming that her match was very much serious.

"To whom it may concern, please see attached to demonstrate my extended interest in the ad posting found on Tinder: 'just looking for a man who will sing since u been gone with me'. As noted in the ad, this is a serious inquiry and I appreciate hearing from you soon. :)"

"Sincerely, Just a man looking to sing since U been gone with you [sic]," says the dreamboat of a match.

But the video that accompanied the message is where things really got interesting.

I never thought I'd see a video of someone dancing along to a pop song wearing a horse mask and think how adorable it is, but that's just how life goes sometimes.

When Sarah shared her video with the Twitter masses, the internet went wild.

"MARRY THIS MAN RIGHT NOW," crowed one delighted user, while there were plenty of other users who thought this act of horsing around (pun intended) was worth at least one date. But while Sarah had the enthusiasts on one side, on the other, she had the neigh-sayers, standing in the way of true love.

"I would like to note that he didn’t sing, he acted. Smh, men really can’t follow simple instructions 0/10," said one user.

But come on: he's wearing a horse mask. The acoustics in there are terrible.

Luckily, the negativity was lost amidst a wave of well-wishers who want to see these two lovebirds go out on a date.

It's going to be one heck of a duet, don't you think?