Woman shares her breakup story and it's the most 90s thing ever

Woman shares her breakup story and it's the most 90s thing ever

It's common knowledge that the 1990's was the greatest decade that has ever existed. Technology was advancing at a breakneck speed, the internet became a household thing (even if it was dial-up), and we were heading into a millennium with our eyes and arms open, ready to accept to the dawn of the futuristic noughties.

But, due to the noughties failing to live up to expectation and being, well... pretty s**t, the 1990s remain as the era we all hark back to when we think of "the good times."

Except if your name is Jenna Guillaume. For Jenna, the year 1999 will always be remembered as the year that she went through the most 90's break up imaginable. So, put on your shell-toes, pop on that bucket hat and lets transport ourselves back to the real summer of love.

As Bryan Adams famously said, "It was the summer of 99" (joke) and a 13-year-old Jenna was dating a guy called Ryan who, if she's being honest, she wasn't really into at the time.

Jenna and Ryan were set up in the classic early-teenage way: by a friend asking if you liked them!

The duo had been dating for a matter of days when they made the big decision: they were going to kiss. Naturally, Ross had to mediate it all.

Ross sounds like a right busy-body, doesn't he?

They all met down the beach (romantic) and Jenna brought Sue Sue along, her Old English Sheepdog.

Ross, being the possessive little freak that he was, decided that he would time the kiss on his watch, deciding that it was clearly the natural thing to do.

So, on top of the sand dune and with Ross and Sue Sue two metres away, Jenna and Ryan went for it. However, things quickly went wrong.

Ryan, channelling his inner Sue Sue decided to come at Jenna with his tongue wagging. However, Sue Sue was having none of it and lept to her owner's defence. Good doggy!

Ross is genuinely pathetic.

Of course, not many youngsters had cell phones at this point in history, meaning that after three days of avoiding the pair of idiots, Jenna received an unexpected - and unwanted - phone call to her landline.

Yep, masculinity really was that fragile in the 90s! Ryan dumped Jenna (through Ross, obvs) due to the fact that she was "frigid."

Then Stephen, another guy at school, made a fleeting and awkward cameo appearance.

Classic Stephen.

After being dumped due to not wanting to be slobbered on, Jenna's evening got even worse.

Ryan, ego dented and masculinity firmly bruised, decided to tell everyone that he only decided to date Jenna for A BET.

However, the story does have a happy ending.

And, of course, the moment we'd all been waiting for, there was also a picture of Sue Sue.

Look at that mullet.

Oh the 90s, please come back to us.