Woman shares sneaky 'wrong text' message from a guy she's been ignoring for a month

Woman shares sneaky 'wrong text' message from a guy she's been ignoring for a month

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been doing whatever they can in order to get their rocks off with one another. At one point in time, this might have involved elaborate mating dances or grand gestures of commitment. These days, however, you're lucky if you get a right swipe on Tinder and a message that consists of more than just, "You up?"

Still, there are some people who still go the extra mile in order to woo the ones they love (or just really want to hook up with); unfortunately, they don't quite go the right way about it.

Mariah White, a woman from Arlington, Texas, recently shared a series of messages from a guy whose only tactic in getting her attention was sheer persistence.

how are you text Credit: Twitter/@mariahjenae

For weeks, this unnamed guy had been sending White various "hey" and "how are you" messages, and apparently wasn't getting the hint that she had no interest in talking to him. She hadn't bothered blocking him, she said, because the texts weren't frequent enough to bother her all that much.

The two didn't have a romantic connection at all, and White had only met the man (an older guy in his forties or fifties) while she was driving for a ride-hailing company.

"We had a really good polite conversation about my unique major, the university, being the only black people in our departments, stuff like that," she said.

White had given over her information with the hopes of networking with the man, but now realises that was a "stupid" idea.

Anyway, skip forward a few weeks, and this guy decides that he needs to up the ante by "accidentally" sending White a text that he apparently meant to send his mother.

accidental text Credit: Twitter/@mariahjenae

Yup, the guy really thought she was so shallow that she would start talking to him because he is able to give his mother $2,800. Unfortunately for him, he was so wrong.


Needless to say, she wasn't falling for it - and neither was anyone else.

"He thought he was so slick," one person commented.

"I wish he 'accidentally' sent it to your account if he really wanted attention that badly," added another.

However, not everyone saw the funny side of the exchange.

woman texting coffee cup Credit: Pexels

"I’ve gotten a lot of nasty DMs telling me I should have stopped wasting his time and just told him I wasn’t interested, but this was a grown man who somewhat misled me into giving him my number in the first place," White said. "You should know when to call it quits when someone is clearly uninterested."

And she has a point - the guy should definitely have taken the hint, especially as she only ever gave him her details so that they could make a professional connection. Plus, after calling him out on Twitter, it seems like White has given this guy the reply he deserves now.