Woman shares TikTok video of her being harassed and it is painfully relatable

Woman shares TikTok video of her being harassed and it is painfully relatable

A TikTok video showing a young woman being harassed by a man during a night out with friends has been making the rounds on social media, with women expressing how relatable they found the clip.

In the video, Kaitlyn Murdoch records her face as a man can be heard asking her to "share her warmth" with him, and then asking why she wasn't engaging in conversation. Throughout the exchange, the unidentified man kept pressing her, despite her repeatedly telling him that she's not interested, and looking clearly uncomfortable.

Credit:TikTok / Kaitlyn199913

The clip, which was titled "Men scare me, Men scare me, Men scare me, Men scare me", shows Kaitlyn's explanation of the events written on-screen, while you see it play out on camera.

"This scary man approached me earlier when I was on a phone call and then finally, after trying to have a conversation with me, said 'I guess I'll leave,'" the first caption read.

When the man refuses to leave, Kaitlyn is shown shaking her head, saying "I mean I don't have any 'warmth' to give you, like you said." The man responds, "You have warmth, just not to give?" to which she replies, "Yeah, none to give to you."

Credit: TikTok / Kaitlyn199913

Kaitlyn captions the next clip explaining that she was waiting for an Uber after the bar she was in had closed. The man, however, didn't seem to get the hint. "Well who would you give it [the warmth] to?," he continued to ask, while Kaitlyn sighed, and said "Anyone else, like my friend."

"How about on like a boy to girl level?" he then says, followed up with "You don't really want to have a conversation then?" Kaitlyn replies, "Not really."

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In the final caption, Kaitlyn details how the man sent over another person to call her a "bitch" because she refused to engage in conversation with him.

Speaking to Buzzfeed about the incident, she explained that she filmed the interaction to show her friends, as "proof of what he was saying and how unsettling it was." Kaitlyn then decided to upload it to TikTok to raise awareness of the daily harassment women continue to face while out in public.