Women are better and safer drivers than men, study reveals

Women are better and safer drivers than men, study reveals

We've all heard of the ridiculous stereotype that women are worse drivers than men, and most people know that this is nonsense. However, a new study has just been published which has finally laid the matter to rest once and for all, and offered scientific proof that men are in fact the gender that's most likely to have an accident while behind the wheel.

Check out this shocking video of a car crash: 

The research was conducted by the British price comparisons site Confused.com. By examining the data retained by British police services through the Freedom of Information act, analysts determined that, out of approximately 600,000 motoring offences committed in England and Wales, 79 per cent were committed by men.

This percentage meant that men were four times more likely than their female counterparts to be prosecuted for speeding, running red lights, or getting into a more serious collision. In fact, male drivers outnumbered women in almost all offence categories, as well as for driving without paying tax or insurance, and drink-driving.

An image of a female driver. Credit: Pexels

Another recent study conducted by car retailer Peter Vardy, also found that that BMW drivers are most likely to speed or drive recklessly driving, while Vauxhall drivers are statistically the safest.
Commenting on her findings, digital marketing manager Clare Rogan stated: "Taking proper due care and attention when behind the wheel should always be at the forefront of our minds when in control of a car, so it is surprising to see our research indicate that over half of British drivers have been penalized for driving offences."

Watch this video all about the crash of a McDonald's van carrying a pile of chicken nuggets:

She added: "Whether you have just passed your test, or have been driving for years, it is important to not allow your own perception of your driving skill to cloud your judgment."