Ripped grandma reveals how her muscles help her land younger men

Ripped grandma reveals how her muscles help her land younger men

When people think of grandmas, the first image that typically comes to mind is of frail old women - white-haired and quite possibly in possession of false teeth. But now that we are living in the age of body positivity, and in a world where life expectancy is, generally speaking on the up, the older generation are proving that they are far from "past it".

Case in point, 63-year-old Lesley Maxwell has claimed that her ripped physique helps her land younger men.

To see Maxwell flexing her muscles in the gym, check out the video below:

The grandma explained that working out five times a week has led to her winning an impressive 30 titles at fitness competitions.

She has been working out regularly for some time, having seriously taken to the gym at the age of 48, and winning her first figure competition a year later. She was inspired to work out after seeing an ad for a figure competition.

Maxwell explained that when she first began working out, a key motivation was her desire to make her body appear younger.

She said that she also enjoys proving to men that she is just as strong, if not more, in the weightlifting department.

The 63-year-old added that she has always had a penchant for younger men, explaining that her ex-husband was 13 years younger than her. She is currently single.

Now, because she has such an impressive physique, she is attracting younger men - and has never actually had a partner older than her.

For Maxwell, true happiness and confidence has come later in life, and she credits this to fitness.

When in the gym, Maxwell works out for an hour, completing an intense routine involving squats, chest presses, and ab exercises.

However, when it comes to what she fuels her body with, Maxwell's diet is simple: she just eats as healthily as she can, avoiding junk food.

The grandma is offering advice to others who've been inspired by her body, telling them that weight training really is the key to making yourself look younger.

She added that there's no excuse for women to put off starting their fitness journeys. When it comes to the world of fitness, in Maxwell's opinion, age really is just a number.