Secret Starbucks 'Valentine's Day Drink' tastes like chocolate-covered strawberries

Secret Starbucks 'Valentine's Day Drink' tastes like chocolate-covered strawberries

If you can’t treat yourself to something sweet on Valentine’s Day, you may as well give up. The sickly sight of happy couples exchanging vast bouquets of flowers and unconscionable amounts of chocolate is enough to make anyone feel miserable. In fact, it’s probably best to ignore what everyone else is up to. Do yourself a favour and get something delicious and pink instead. 

Fortunately for the lovelorn coffee fanatic, there is a tasty solution to what would otherwise be a lonely, decaffeinated day. As one enterprising food blogger recently proved, you don’t need a partner to make February 14th memorable. All you need is a local Starbucks, a patient barista and a vivid imagination. 

According to content creator Meredith King, who posts under the handle @thatknoxvillegirl, the key to surviving solo V-Day is a white mocha cold brew-based coffee that combines raspberry and strawberry flavouring in one delicious drink. Although there are numerous twists on the formula, King’s original post suggests a blend of:

“Venti cold brew.., 2 pumps raspberry, 2 pumps white mocha, Cold foam made with strawberry purée, Topped with chocolate curls (my location was out so I subbed in mocha drizzle).”

Check out our recipe for Baileys Valentine’s Macarons:

She also recommends that orderers “add an extra pump of raspberry (and) white mocha if you like it extra sweet. An iced Venti drink normally has 6 pumps of something if that helps gage your sweetness level (sic.).”

Although the unofficial item doesn’t hasn’t yet taken off in quite the same way as other “secret” orders like the Baby Yoda and Pennywise frappuccinos, the prospect of pink coffee is bound to capture the public’s imagination. Valentine’s Day may be difficult to stomach for some people, but this drink should help make things easier.