Shopper in hysterics after buying cheeky chocolate Santa Claus

Shopper in hysterics after buying cheeky chocolate Santa Claus

When you think of Christmas you think of reindeer, snow, mistletoe, presents, and, most importantly, Father Christmas. Many of us have fond memories of Santa Claus, whether it's sitting on his lap and reading out our wishlists in a grotto or simply trying to stay awake long enough on Christmas Eve to hear him land on the roof of the house.

Ol' Saint Nick is the epitome of happiness - however, this particular Santa Claus may be a little too "jolly" this festive season. Yes, it is very ironic that children are forced to use their imaginations to think of Santa, when this one leave very little left to imagine...

Discovered by 28-year-old Jason Greaves in a branch of Tesco, the shopper purchased the chocolate treat for a merry £1 ($1.29). However, when he unwrapped the foil, Greaves found a rather unexpected chocolate treat waiting for him.

On the bottom half of the festive snack was a penis-shaped splodge...

Check out the advent appendage below:

After a jolly good laugh, the clothing company director decided against eating the chocolate and opted to contact Tesco in order to alert them to the rather generous addition to the treat.

Jason has since revealed that he doesn't know if it was an honest mistake or that a factory worker just fancied having a laugh on their last day.

For another Christmas treat (a little more 'safe for work') check out these Christmas Dinner Loaded Fries:

The concerned customers did point out to Tesco that if the treat had ended up in the hands of a child, this wouldn't be a laughing matter - but they apparently didn't seem to mind.

A spokesperson for Tesco has since made light of the situation and offered Jason a refund of the product.

And this isn't even the first time a chocolate Santa has left people red-faced. Father Col Talbot gave Twitter users a good laugh when he revealed his son's chocolate Santa resembled more a more... adult shape.

He tweeted Cadbury's official UK Twitter account saying: "Hi @CadburyUK, my little lad loves your chocolate but I think your chocolate Santa Claus cast needs some work!!!"