S'Mores Oreos May Be Making Their Long-awaited Return, And It's About Time

S'Mores Oreos May Be Making Their Long-awaited Return, And It's About Time

They say that if you love something, you should let them go. It's life advice that I've taken with me through all the ups and downs of life, from breakups and professional failures, to death and loss. But nothing, and I mean nothing, has made it harder to follow that mantra than the loss of S'mores Oreo cookies.

At first glance, this particular flavour of Oreo seems like it should not be. An Oreo is one type of cookie, while s'mores are another; a cookie most associated with campfires and warm blankets.

S'mores Credit: Getty

But like the Montagues and Capulets waged in family feud, S'mores Oreos were the delicious forbidden love; snuffed out in its prime, gone before I really got the chance to get used to their incredible awesomeness. Those kind of losses hurt the worst, don't they?

But the second part of that mantra up there says that if the object of your love comes back, then it's yours to enjoy. To that end, if this news is true, then one of my greatest losses may only be temporary, and you have no idea how happy that would make me.

Last seen somewhere back in the heady days of 2016, the S'mores Oreo was exactly as you might imagine it: graham cracker on the outside, but more importantly - crucially - two creme fillings, one of chocolate and another of marshmallow.

In the intervening years, it's fair to say that the world's gone to Hell in a handbasket. The UK's leaving the EU, America has had its government shut down for the last month, and for some reason, we decided to greenlight a sequel to Space Jam, starring LeBron James. Truly horrific.

But if we could welcome the S'mores Oreo back to shelves, then maybe - just maybe - everything will be alright with the world once more. This Instagram post, then, might be a beacon of hope in the darkness; trusted Instagram food account @thejunkfoodaisle revealed that the gone but not forgotten flavour may be on its way back.

"S’mores Oreo is coming back in 2019! Last spotted in 2016, S’mores Oreo features a Graham flavored cookie and layered Marshmallow and Chocolate flavor cremes. While the cookie seems to be the same (though I will say they taste better than I remember) the packaging is getting a cool new redesign."

Interesting stuff. Now, we can expect S'mores Oreo pretty much imminently, but depending on where you are or where you look, you might be able to spot them in stores right now. If you go to Target, for example, there's no sign of any new listing beyond that old dusty one.

But if you go to Best Products, they're pretty insistent you can find them at Target. It's all confusing, but it's enough to give you a little drop of hope, isn't it? In tough times, that's sometimes all you need. But until we have more information, we wait in hope of S'mores Oreo cookies. Let's hope it's not too long before we learn more.