'Sour Patch Kids' cereal is here, but people aren't sure it should be a thing

'Sour Patch Kids' cereal is here, but people aren't sure it should be a thing

I don't have any scientific evidence to back it up, but I think that all sweet treats can be classified into one of two distinct categories: they either go well with water, or they go well with milk, but they rarely go well with both.

Think about a candy or fruit, and you'll know instinctively if it's better as an ice cream flavour or a popsicle. Banana? Ice cream. Watermelon? Popsicle. Sour Patch Kids? You'd think the answer would be 'popsicle', but we might be about to get Sour Patch Kids with milk, and I think we might regret it.

We've all had a Sour Patch Kid, right? Delicious sweet treats, especially if you like an acidic candy kick (try saying that quickly three times in a row). They're really good at Halloween, or if you're bored at home and you just want to pop something into your mouth as you while away the time. I wouldn't think they'd make good breakfast cereal, though, but here we are.

The first rumours began at the back-end of October, where food Instagrammer Candy Hunting posted a picture of the Sour Patch Kids cereal, sending collective shivers down our spines. "The authenticity isn’t 100 percent confirmed," warned Candy Hunting in the caption, but all the same, Candy Hunting was very hopeful.

First, that doesn't look like a fan mock-up with the cereal pieces,” they wrote. “Second, Post [cereal maker] has already released several other cereals in conjunction with [Sour Patch Kids parent company] Mondelez, so this is likely another collaborative cereal between them.

But before long, evidence started to mount, before Post themselves confirmed the rumour on November 13. In a press release, they confirmed that we could eat Sour Patch cereal with milk, if we so wanted. They'll reportedly come in "kid"-shaped pieces with "a sour coating and a sweet finish". Um... delicious?

Unsurprisingly, people on the internet are pretty torn on the idea of a Sour Patch Kids cereal. "Today I found out that Sour Patch Kids cereal exists and I cerealously cannot think about anything else," commented one Twitter user with a masterful pun, but other people were decidedly less enthusiastic about the whole thing. Who could blame them?

Luckily (or unluckily), we've already got an idea of what they might taste like, courtesy of  Lee Breslouer at Thrillist. Breslouer reports that they do a pretty good job of being Sour Patch Kids, saying they "look like dehydrated tiny Sour Patch Kids" and adding: "Holy moly, they nailed the sour flavors."

If, for some reason, that convinces you that these would make good cereal, you're unfortunately going to have to wait until December 26 to sink your teeth into the Sour Patch Kids cereal - there was no way we were going to let such a controversial cereal ruin Christmas. It'll be available exclusively at Walmart, retailing at around $4 a box.