Sparkly white wedding Crocs are the must-have accessory for all brides in 2020

Sparkly white wedding Crocs are the must-have accessory for all brides in 2020

Nothing says “blushing bride” like a sweaty rubber shoe. If you had to come up with the ultimate wedding day indignity, there’s a good chance that it might involve at least one member of the happy couple having to shuffle down the aisle in a pair of glorified kitchen clogs. 

Nevertheless, despite all fashion evidence pointing to the contrary, there is a growing sense that 2020 will be the year where wedding Crocs become the indispensable footwear of choice for newlyweds around the world. God help us all. 

Currently available on Etsy, from the online store princesspumps the baffling shoes represent a dramatic departure from the last few hundred years of matrimony tradition.

According to the description on the site, the “Bridal Favorite” offers “unbeatable comfort with a hint of sparkle,” and the opportunity to “Enjoy these flashy crystal sequin clogs at home or work!” For a wedding accessory, they seem remarkably utilitarian.

Credit: Etsy

Priced at around £90 ($119) plus VAT, the sparkly Crocs certainly don’t come cheap. However, judging by the reception on Etsy, they deliver what they say on the tin. As one five-star review puts it:

“This is a gift - so they have not been tried yet, but when they arrived we all thought they were super cute, and well constructed. Looks like the decorating on them will last as long as any normal croc.”

And for another unique wedding look, check out this maid of honor walking down the aisle dressed as a T-rex:

Writing on their official Instagram account, Princess Pumps revealed that the shoes were one of their most popular items last year, saying: "Each for a different wedding. These crocs are one of the most popular wedding models this year!"

Princess Pumps describe themselves as "Your one-stop shop for custom special shoes: sequin, glitter & more! All high quality, handmade and one of a kind" - so why not check them out?