Student goes viral after sending her teacher a paper with a hilariously brutal mistake

Student goes viral after sending her teacher a paper with a hilariously brutal mistake

When you're in college, writing papers is one of the hardest things to do. While you're in high school, you've got overbearing parents and the threat of detention to scare you into completing your assignments on time, but when you're at college, you've got nothing but your own shame and crushing hangover to push you over the line.

That being said, we usually get them in with seconds left on the deadline, but that often means that you haven't taken the time to properly proofread your efforts. Most of the time, that's fine, but occasionally, you make the monumental type of typo that gets people in trouble at their college, or - alternatively - featured on articles just like this on VT!

You can decide for yourself which is worse.

Have you ever been writing a paper when you can't really remember something basic, but kind of important? Lord knows I have. Zoey Oxley - who goes to Ohio University - was just one person in that particularly large boat last Tuesday, when she was writing for a professor whose name continued to escape her.

"I have always been really bad with names," she explained to BuzzFeed earlier this week. "So, when I was writing the paper, I blanked on the professor's name and filled it in with 'Professor whats his nuts,' just as a placeholder." As far as placeholders go, it's not too bad - rolls off the tongue, I think.

So, now with that field filled out, Zoey went about writing that paper, making sure to fill in every reference, dotting the 'I's and crossing the 'T's, before handing it in to the relevant place at the 11th hour. Zoey said she breathed a sigh of relief, before realising almost instantly what she'd forgotten to change.

"As soon as I closed my laptop, it hit me," the student revealed. "And I immediately started freaking out and trying to resubmit." She scrambled and panicked, but realised quite quickly that there was little that she could do. So instead of trying to reverse the error, Zoey tried to do the next best thing: apologise for it.

"I hope that this does not reflect what you think of me and that the next assignment I can address by the correct name," Zoey said in her e-mail, calling her placeholder "something completely unprofessional". Then, Professor Whatshisnuts opened the e-mail.

Seeing the placeholder as just a typo, John Hendel - who's actually just a first-year MFA student - thought nothing of it initially, saying he just skimmed the e-mail at first. But when grading the papers later on, it all clicked for Hendel. "I see 'Professor whats his nuts' at the top and immediately recognized the student’s name," he said, but he found it hilarious.

Tweeting about the whole incident, Hendel said to his followers: "A student emailed me, profusely apologizing for getting my name wrong at the top of their paper, and I was like, 'Thanks, whatever, nbd.' Then I got to their paper and saw their instructor was 'Professor whats his nuts'".

Hilarious, right? All in all, it was just a big misunderstanding. But credit to Hendel for having a sense of humour about the whole thing.