Super long hot water bottles are here to keep your whole body warm this Christmas

Super long hot water bottles are here to keep your whole body warm this Christmas

I think we can all agree that hot water bottles are a great invention. I mean, is there anything better than curling up on the sofa in the winter months with a hot water bottle and a television show to binge-watch? I don't think so.

I do have one gripe with them, however, and it's to do with their size. With all hot water bottles you have to decide which part of your body will be rewarded with warmth - unless you get enough to cover your whole body, which is just impractical and probably a health and safety hazard.

Thankfully, UK based company, Potwells Design have ensured that we'll never be faced with such a dilemma again, having created the world's first super-long hot water bottle.

hot water bottle Credit: Getty

The ingenious creations are a whopping 75cm long, making them almost three times longer than your average hot water bottle, and they can hold up to two litres of water. That means you can be warm from your torso to your toes, well, if you curl up a little.

Potwells Design also promises that their hot water bottles will keep you warm for six to eight hours - yes, you heard that right - a whole eight hours of being snug and toasty.

Now, I don't know about you, but I think that this is the perfect present for the flatmate that just loves leaving the heating on max during the winter months.

hot water bottle Credit: Potwells Design

While the hot water bottles are targeted towards children, that doesn't mean that us adults can't enjoy them too. Over the Christmas period, Dustin the Dinosaur, Ursula the Unicorn and Zavi the Zebra could become your new best friend.

The bottles retail for £39.95, so they're a little on the expensive side, but as a lifelong investment, I think it's worth it.

Credit: Potwells Design

And they're certainly doing well - Potwells Design has nearly sold out of the Ursula the Unicorn design - so don't wait to put in an order and put the kettle on boil.

Credit: Potwells Design

Well, I've got my Christmas presents sorted...