Sweet cinnamon Kit Kats are on their way to stores for the festive season

Sweet cinnamon Kit Kats are on their way to stores for the festive season

It might still only be September, but brands are already releasing news of their festive fare for the most wonderful time of the year, and personally I'm getting a bit overexcited.

Already, there's the promise of an overwhelming number of delicious-sounding produce for Christmas time; including a two metre long pig in blanket from Aldi, candy cane gin liqueur, also from Aldi, and a truly spectacular looking Grinch-inspired cookie from Nestlé, which is a vivid shade of green and flecked with a red candy heart.

Credit: Nestlé

As if that wasn't already enough to be going on with, we reported today that the Coca Cola Company will soon be releasing two festive takes on its Coca Cola and Sprite brands. Coca Cola Cinnamon and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry are the two offerings, with the latter reportedly going on sale tomorrow.


Reminisce with this classic scene from Christmas movie Elf:

And now, Kit Kat has entered the fray. That's right, it's time to add another sweet festive treat to your Christmas list, because Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats will soon be with us, and apparently they're delicious.

The good folk over at Delish have sampled the candy bar, and they were most favourably impressed by it. Delish further reports that the cinnamon Kit Kats will be available for purchase nationwide from November in all major grocery and convenience stores.

The bars will come 7.5 and 9 ounce bags of minis - there will not be a regular sized bar option available. This is in line with the festive offering, where bowls of smaller sized confectionary are commonplace.

The candy bar is a limited edition, so likely won't hang around after the holiday season. If you want to try one, keep your eyes peeled in November, and get ready for what promises to be a whole new tasty Kit Kat experience!