Taco Bell's new 'Triplelupa' is secretly just three chalupas you can pull apart

Taco Bell's new 'Triplelupa' is secretly just three chalupas you can pull apart

What's better than a taco? It's actually a very difficult question to ask, and an even harder one to answer. Pizzas are delicious, that's true, but they lack the portability of a taco. Burgers are more portable, but you don't get the versatility of flavour. Fried chicken is delicious, but there's not really anything you can do beyond that level of deliciousness.

Yeah, in my opinion, tacos are right up there with the best of fast food.

But to answer my earlier question: what's better than a taco? Well, I'm glad I asked, because the only thing better than one taco is three tacos. Feel free to e-mail me later, you guys, about whether three tacos is better than two pizzas or a burger with some fried chicken, but for now, I've got a point to make, and an article to write.

Taco Bell is, of course, the only place you should be going for a good taco. Forget about the haters who talk smack about Taco Bell: they've got delicious beef, plenty of cheese; some hot sauce, if you like. Heck, you can get your taco in a Doritos shell, for Pete's sake.

We love Taco Bell, and I like to think that Taco Bell loves us; so huge is Taco Bell's love for us, they're constantly trying to add to and improve their already hugely impressive menu. Who could forget the Carolina Reaper Quesaritas, or the Nacho Fries that were slowly getting rolled out across the country?

But now, while they've rightly focused on quality, there's always more to be had, and this time, Taco Bell have seen an awesome way to improve their quantity at the same time. Three is the magic number in a lot of ways, but I never thought to associate the number three with tacos.

Triplelupa Credit: Taco Bell

Well, now you can, with the Taco Bell Triplelupa. I don't know how good you guys are with your etymology, but you might be able to tell that the Triplelupa has a secret identity: hiding under that fancy name is three regular chalupas masquerading as one.

Don't worry, Triplelupa: your secret is safe with us. The best part about the Triplelupa is that it's the Holy Trinity of fast food; like its Bible counterpart, the Triplelupa has three distinct parts which are all different in their own ways, but all of which come together for the ultimate fast food experience.

At one end of the Triplelupa, there's nacho cheese sauce, at the other, there's chipotle sauce: but in that middle partition, the two sauces come together in what can only be described as Taco Bell synergy. This all happens as the beef and cheese make for a willing base, and I don't know about you, but my mouth's watering already.

Taco Bell Credit: Getty

Well then, what are you waiting for? Uh... probably for the Triplelupa to come out. It arrives at restaurants November 21 (that's tomorrow), where it'll retail for just $3.49. I'd tell you to grab your two closest friends, but I already know that you're going to try to take this one by yourself, and eat it like some sort of glorious taco sub.

I don't blame you.