Target are coming out with mini cheese wheels for the holidays, and Christmas can't come soon enough

Target are coming out with mini cheese wheels for the holidays, and Christmas can't come soon enough

We all know that Christmas is on December 25, right? But we also know that the opening of presents and singing of carols at the outset of the last week of the calendar is much more than a single day. Christmas Day may be December 25, but Christmas is at least a month before.

That's the basic idea of advent, I'm sure you'll agree. On December 1, with the countdown till the festivities now just over three weeks away, we can start showing up in Christmas sweaters, decorating our houses in tinsel and fairy lights, and hear that one Mariah Carey song for the 46,352nd time that day. It's... uh, great.

Most of you'll mark that passing of the time with an advent calendar, which is like a regular calendar, but you can greet each new day with a sweet treat? Effectively, it's an excuse to eat chocolate every day until Christmas comes. But what if you're tired of chocolate? Crazy, I know, but since there's going to be chocolate Santas, hot chocolate and chocolatey desserts abound, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to shake things up this time.

If you're looking for something different, then why not head down to Target? That's where they've finally cracked the code to making the best advent calendar of all time. What's the only thing comparable to chocolate in its sheer, delicious awesomeness? Cheese, that's what, and now for advent, you can have 24 mini wheels of the stuff as you wait for Christmas mornings.

It's a wheelie good idea.

Of course, if you live in the UK, then the idea of a cheese-filled advent calendar is something you're only just getting used to. Food blogger So Wrong It's Nom (aka Annem Hobson) was the pioneering genius behind this really cheesy creation, and 12 months on, she's worked really really hard to bring this incredible invention Stateside.

So, I'd imagine some of you have already tagged a ton of your friends in this post, but the more curious of you might be skeptical about the kinds of cheese you can enjoy in this advent calendar to end all advent calendars. "Wait, what kind of cheese are there?" Well, you'll be able to pick from seven, including mature cheddar and applewood, so every picky cheese lover will be satisfied. I hope.

So, here it is, folks: cheese in an advent calendar. Provided you can resist the urge to eat all 24 wheels of cheese at once (it's harder than it sounds, you guys), you get to bring in each day before Christmas with a nice bit of cheese. If you want to get fancy (or day drunk), why don't you enrich the experience by having a glass of wine with the wheels?

Now that sounds like a party. Get your cheese at any of 247 Target locations located around the United States, and get ready for Christmas in the cheesiest way.