Target is now selling $5 holiday string lights that look like mini snow globes

Target is now selling $5 holiday string lights that look like mini snow globes

The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us.

The decorations are up, battle lines are being drawn for the inevitably brutal game of Christmas Day Monopoly, and brands the world over are capitalising on all the festive cheer and goodwill by releasing all manner of holiday-themed products.

Already, Aldi has marked itself as the clear front runner in the novelty Christmas product stakes, having announced a plethora of enticing items from a Harry Potter advent calendar to a candy cane gin liqueur.

Check out this Amazon driver's brilliant reaction to finding free treats outside a house:

But if you're anything like me, you're probably still wondering if more could be done.

Could the house be decorated even more than it already is? Is that even possible at this point, among the general detritus of tinsel, fairy lights and baubles?

Well "yes", is the answer to that question, and Target are here to help fuel your Christmas decoration dreams.

Their excellent looking holiday string lights, that resemble mini snow globes, are being noticed by festive shoppers at stores across the country, though it does not appear that they're currently available for purchase online. This means a journey out to your local Target to see if they're in stock.

Plenty of social media users have been posting pictures of them though, and they definitely add a certain something to the festivities.

One shopper said the lights cost $5 per pack, and took to social media to write;

"So I’ve been seeing that these “snow globe” Christmas light strings are flying off the shelves in the #targetbullseyesplayground section and wow. I was not expecting to find them fully stocked at my local Target! Snagged me two! Yay!!! $5 each!"

Netflix has released its festive movie lineup, check out what's in store right here:

I've got to say, $5 does sound like a bit of a bargain, particularly if they bring more festive fun to my apartment. As Buddy the Elf would surely attest, you can't put a price on Christmas cheer.